Job Hunting in Singapore

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If you are considering relocating and think that Singapore may be the place for you, here we will explore the job market in Singapore, key factors to consider and how you can land an ideal job in Singapore.

Job hunting in Singapore and why it's important

Is Singapore a Good Place to Work in?

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What are the Biggest Industries in Singapore?

With a diverse economy that moves at a dynamic pace, Singapore has a number of different industries that contribute to its high growth. By using its geographical positioning as an advantage, Singapore attracts some of the world’s best talents to contribute to the growth of a range of sectors. Some of the most popular industries include:

1. Financial services

2. Manufacturing

3. Technology

4. Logistics

5. Healthcare

Hiring Freeze in Singapore?

While the United States and other parts of the world are seeing an increase in layoffs, many are looking to the 4 Asian tigers to determine if the same effects are being felt in Asia. While undoubtedly there are challenges being seen across the globe, the effects have been mitigated in Singapore with only a small portion considering hiring freezes at this time. According to a study carried out by PWC only 25% of employers have plans to implement hiring freezes or reduce their workforce in 2023. 

While still a relevant number, with more than 70% of employers not implementing hiring freezes, this is a good indicator of the performance of companies in Singapore at this time. In the same study more than 80% of employers also do not have plans to reduce the compensation of employees. All of this despite the negative sentiment that the global economy will experience a decline over the next few months.

Job seeking in Singapore?

Overall, Singapore has a lot to offer candidates who want to find employment. With a high quality of life and a diverse economy that offers an array of opportunity, accompanied by supportive policies, Singapore not only attracts top businesses and investors, but top talents as well. 

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We assist companies in Singapore as well

As a leading recruitment agency and HR provider, Career Pond helps businesses find the talent they need. Our team has helped companies and their employees establish or grow their teams. We have in-depth understanding of the recruitment landscape in Singapore, and how to best navigate the relationship between organizations and candidates they wish to employ.

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