Employer of Record in Asia

Once we’ve matched you with your new team member, CareerPond can handle all the tricky hiring details.

As an Employer of Record, CareerPond can hire staff on your behalf in thirteen locations in Asia. We handle all visas and work permits, make sure contracts and payroll meet local legal standards, and allow you to get on with running your business.

We handle the thorny legal requirements – you keep complete control over your team’s day-to-day tasks, compensation, projects, and career trajectory.

In short, we can serve as your Asia-based HR department until you’re ready to build your own.

Why Do I Need an Employer of Record?

Every country has local employment laws and rules. The thirteen locations we cover have a key rule in common: any company hiring local or foreign employees must have an established local presence. Setting up this presence is time-consuming, expensive, and often high-risk.

As we have a longstanding local presence in each of our locations, CareerPond can act as the Employer of Record for your business – so you can hire and onboard new employees in as little as 48 hours, without assuming associated risk.

How Does it Work?

1. Select

You select the candidate you wish to hire in Asia with the help of our recruitment consultants.

2. We onboard employees

We integrate your new hire into your global workforce, ensuring a seamless transition to your company.

3. We absorb liabilities

We manage your employee's payroll, taxes, benefits and ensure compliance in the country of hire.

4. Grow your business

With your new team in place, you can focus on what you came here to do: Build a business that crosses borders.

Benefits of using an Employer of Record


Using an EOR means no license fees, legal fees, visa fees, and numerous other set-up and running costs. Especially for SMEs, these mounting charges are prohibitive.


As we’re already well-established throughout Asia, we can start hiring for you straight away. Our turn-around time for hiring and onboarding can be just a few days.


We are experts on legalities in each of our locations. We’ll make sure all paperwork is in order and prevent unnecessary delays like visa refusals or permit hold-ups.


Our reach in Asia means we’re constantly updating our practices and advice in line with these laws, keeping our clients abreast of relevant legal changes.


If you’re new to the market, the smallest mistake could cost you your right to expand to Asia in the future. Using an EOR eliminates your risk of non-compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Employer of Record.

Yes – we can help you recruit and hire across thirteen locations in Asia. We’re a registered Employer of Record in all thirteen locations, so we can recruit and then onboard your new team members in compliance with local laws in as little as 48 hours.

As many as you need. We can help you find a single salesperson, an entire department, and everything in between. If you’re looking to start with just one or two new hires, using Career Pond as an Employer of Record may be particularly suitable for you.

However you chose to proceed, you must comply with local laws around hiring and managing local team members – or risk hefty fines and business interruption.

A legal, local presence is required to hire employees. Setting up a new presence involves a significant capital injection, local bank accounts, and liaising with local lawyers, amongst other processes and paperwork. The journey takes several months, if all steps are completed correctly.

Instead of setting up your own presence, CareerPond can act as an Employer of Record on your behalf. We can deal with contracts, visas, licences, payroll, deductions, and everything else you need to be compliant.

Absolutely. The EOR is responsible for taxes, deductions, benefits, payroll, visas, and all other compliance issues.

You will retain complete control over your team’s day-to-day tasks, compensation, contract details, projects, and career trajectory. The EOR merely acts on your behalf and takes on responsibility and risk for your local team members.

We can hire your new team in any of our thirteen locations: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and the UAE. Check Our Coverage for more details.

If you are recruiting in China, we can help you establish your own local, legal presence. See China for more details.

We can manage the hiring and onboarding of your team members, acting as a local Employer of Record. This means we deal with contracts, visas, licenses, payroll, deductions, and everything else you need to get started. We issue a single invoice per month, streamlining all employee costs.

We can – our service is bespoke for every client. If you need to find your new team member but don’tneed help with hiring and onboarding, we’re happy to help.  

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