We break down the barriers to recruiting in new locations, matching exceptional candidates with companies looking to succeed in Asia.

Hiring in Asia Made Simple

To access top talent in Asia, a specialized recruiter with location-specific knowledge is essential. Our western consultants understand both the needs of international clients and ideal candidate profiles for a breadth of roles.

Our on-the-ground recruitment team are practiced at finding and engaging candidates with vital local expertise and industry skills. Together, they give our clients an unmatched service, absorbing cultural barriers to find the right new team members for you.

How we make matches

We design our search for your next team member depending on your needs. Generally, each search follows five major steps.

1. Assess

You’ll meet with our consultants to discuss your business, your industry, and why you want to hire in Asia. We can advise you on the essential roles to fill first, and how to grow the team from there.

2. Create

We’re experts in creating inclusive job descriptions with Asian professional culture in mind. Every job description we write is unique, so we attract particular candidates with fitting skill sets.

3. Search

Like our job descriptions, our searches are customised to your business and your open role. Our network across Asia gives us access to premium talent pools, and our language skills mean we can post on local job boards, tap into social media, and access industry circles.

4. Shortlist & Profile

Once we’ve found the best candidates for the job, we use a customized mix of telephone interviews, psychometric testing, face-to-face meetings, and tasks to test our findings and ensure you’ll meet the top talent.

5. Meet & Hire

Depending on your preferences, we offer summary reports, in-depth profiles, interview planning, and contract negotiation. You can be involved at every step or leave it to us – our service is bespoke. When you’ve decided on your new team member, we can act as the employer to help you comply with local laws and simplify your expansion.

From Recruitment to Hiring

After we’ve found the ideal candidate for your open role, Career Pond can act as your Employer of Record.

We can complete the necessary paperwork and onboarding in as little as 48 hours.

There’s no need for you to deal with local labor and employment regulations – our in-country experts handle compliance, payroll, and taxes.

You can continue running your business, welcoming your new team member, and getting down to work.

Each month, Career Pond can gather all employee expenses, including salaries, into a single invoice.

Why Choose Career Pond?

We’re consultants as well as recruiters. For every location we serve, we speak the language, understand the culture, and – most importantly – can advise on sensible hires and potential hurdles.
  • Our advice is specific, honest, and always bespoke.
  • Our team of recruitment experts and in-country HR specialists can recruit and hire your staff in record time.
  • Our consultants can find and recruit candidates with regional industry knowledge so you can penetrate new markets.
  • Our service can extend to onboarding and legally employing your new team members, so you can focus on doing business.

Frequently Asked Questions on Recruiting

Yes – we can help you recruit across thirteen locations in Asia. We build our service around your needs and your business. If you’d also like us to hire and onboard your new team members in compliance with local laws, we can help. See Hire for more info.

We can find your new team in thirteen locations: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and the UAE. Check Our Coverage for more details.

Our portfolio crosses many industries in all thirteen of our locations. Our team have filled roles in manufacturing, sales, logistics, e-commerce, BPO, FCMG, IT, software development, and more.

Frequently, we help clients find local salespeople with location-specific expertise, as this is often the first step to expansion within Asia.

As many as you need. We can help you find a single salesperson, an entire department, and everything in between, across all industries.

We can manage the hiring and onboarding of your new team members, acting as a local Employer of Record. As an EOR, we take care of visas, insurance, payroll, and all related compliance hurdles – see Employer of Record for more details.

Our Matches are Trusted by Industry Leaders

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