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We help professionals in Asia take their next step. Use your local knowledge and expertise to build an international career with CareerPond. We can find you the right roles, support your applications, and match you with the perfect position.

CV Clinic

We can help finesse your CV, give you a LinkedIn makeover, and make sure we’ve featured every skill that makes you special.

Valuable Feedback

Our consultants give honest feedback on applications and help you highlight the talents that make you a great fit.

Interview Prep

When it’s time to interview, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect so you can showcase your very best self.

How Does it Work?

1. Hire one of our
career experts

2. Work one-on-one with your dedicated professional

3. Reach your
career goals

Represent Your Country on the World Stage.

Whether you’re already working your dream industry and looking for your next move, or hoping to break into something new, we can help.

We work with companies all over the globe who are searching for top Asian talent, local knowledge, and expertise in your country.

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